Project Beltway

I started Project Beltway because I was tired of hearing that Washingtonians have no sense of style. In a city where power influences the way people dress instead of the reverse, Project Beltway digs beneath the conservative surface to reveal style as interesting & diverse as the people shaping its unique culture. What better way to play style anthropologist than through a literal and figurative snapshot of Washington residents?

The site is a D.C. style and fashion blog, but it’s just as much about Washington and its many quirks and characters as it is about actual clothes. It’s also about looking great: Look out for street-style photography, shots from local events and parties, profiles of sartorially savvy Washingtonians, designer spotlights, event happenings and more.

When I’m not blogging, I’m developing strategies as the Communications Director for the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID). Prior to that, I supported art and artists from around the world as Director of Public Relations at the Corcoran Gallery of Art . I launched and authored Sidewalk Style, a weekly style column featuring stylish locals for Washingtonian.com from 2007 until 2010. Accolades include Washingtonian magazine (Best Dressed, 2007)The Washington Post, Washington Post Express, Refinery 29, DC Magazine (here, too!), Washington Life magazine, The Washington Times, the blog FamousDC, The Observer of London, and Fashion Washington (FW), among others.

You can find PB on Instagram and Twitter. Please send your comments/announcements/dirty jokes/fashion queries/ to Rachel Cothran at rachel[at]projectbeltway.com.