Street Style: Avi

Posted on April 11, 2014
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The patent shoes were $15 from a local thrift store.

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Outside of the Black Cat, Saturday Night

Posted on March 13, 2013
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14th Street is a-changin,’ but late on a Saturday night you can still meet a young kid named Johnny, smoking a cigarette, trying to make it big, outside of the Black Cat.

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Blog Love + Inspiration

Posted on April 3, 2012
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This thoughtful and genuine email landed in my inbox and I feel truly inspired and reminded that one of the best things about blogging (and when I was doing my Washingtonian column) is the amazing people on the sidewalks of this city. Everyone has a story, a battle, an idea. I’ve met fascinating people over the years.

Greetings Rachel,
I am sure you do not remember me, but I met you on the street years ago, when you photographed me for this.

I am going through a divorce, and decided to blog about my new life, and I launched this week. It’s called I mention you in my very first post, and I also have Project Beltway listed as one of my favorite sites. I love your blog, and I have been reading it all this time, and didn’t make the connection that it belonged to you.

Nonetheless, I just wanted to let you know that your article about me in the Washingtonian all those years ago inspired my blog. Thank you very much!

I hope all is well, and hope you will check out my blog and enjoy it!

Makia Smith Thomas aka haute mama in the city

Welcome, Makia, to the blogosphere! I hope you continue to grow and thrive.

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Cheery Winter Street (sort of) Style

Posted on December 13, 2011
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I met Gabrielle Fouche Williams at Pulp the other night and promptly abandoned all urgency fr purchasing a wedding card to peppered this gorgeous stranger with outfit questions: where did you get that amazing scarf? (it’s called a kanga, and she got it while in Kisarawe, a village in Tanzania, where she was volunteering for her uncle’s organization, AHEAD) I love those funky but classic boots (Tommy Hilfiger ‘Sadie’ available at DSW)!


That perfect-fit, cheery cherry red topper? A size tall from J.Crew, the only tall sizing that truly looks great, she said. And oooh, that ring! (YSL). Who else is inspired not just by the fact that smart, interesting and cool people are this easy to trip over everywhere you go in DC, but also by this fantastically colorful winter look?!

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