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Posted on July 22, 2012
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2012-07-22 14.15.42.jpg

I’m really into big, crazy earrings at the moment. These are from a vintage store on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

2012-07-22 14.17.13.jpg

The earrings jingle when I wear them. Here they are on the knee of a new favorite pair of pants. They are slouchy and loose, perfect for weekend brunches.

2012-07-22 14.44.43.jpg

Joss papers from H Mart (?), the big Asian grocery in the same shopping center as Spa World in Virginia. The papers on the left are slightly thicker than tissue paper and come in a pack of several different colors with this same great black motif.

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Gchat. DvF. #BabyBreak

Posted on March 22, 2012
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{image courtesy GAP via iVillage}

Sister: omg diane von furstenberg has made miniature wrap dresses for baby gap
me: YES
they are fucking adorable
Sister: so cute!
me: i know! WANT
Sister: ha
me: for you, for my future unborn fetus!
Sister: unborn!
me: for a stranger on the street’s child!
Sister: possibly male but who cares!
boys can wear dresses
me: he’ll wear it and he’ll LIKE IT.
Sister: he WILL.

And when I said “for you,” I meant for my sister’s child, Samantha (Sam, Sammy). Who looks like this:



Somebody get this child into some tiny tiny DvF immediately.

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strange light.

Posted on February 26, 2010
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DSC_0003 15.JPG

DSC_0045 4.JPG

DSC_0020 13.JPG

Occasionally some combination of light and settings goes all crazy on my camera and I end up with these wild, gorgeous, colorful mistakes. Sometimes the things you don’t plan on end up being kind of amazing.

DSC_0067 4.JPG

DSC_0028 7.JPG


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Eighties Flashback with Soundtrack, 18th & U.

Posted on October 4, 2007
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