Posted on June 4, 2013
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This weekend I decamped to Lexington, Virginia for some restorative family time and outdoor challenges. I’m almost done with Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and reading it has been giving me serious hiking urges and overall wanderlust. Plus, I miss the smell of the honeysuckle and the sound of treefrogs and the Eastern Towhee. You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.



On Saturday we hiked up above Goshen Pass, where I grew up swimming in the summers. We crossed a swinging footbridge across the river, then hiked Hunters Trail and Little Peak Trail to Viewing Rock, where we had a great view of Lake Merriweather.



I snuggled with my nieces and nephews, ate delicious breakfasts out on the porch, inspected my parents’ gardening skills, and marveled at the stars. On Saturday night, the field leading up to my parent’s house was filled with hundreds of fireflies, making the top half of the view the dark sky filled with bright stars and the bottom half a field lit by starlight and hundreds of firefly lights. It was as if they were shooting stars. I can’t even describe how amazing it was, and there wasn’t any way to photograph it. Sometimes the best things can’t be captured.


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Ready your pedis….it’s time for spring!

Posted on April 9, 2013
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Spring (errrr, summer?!) sprang so fast that I haven’t even had time to transition my warm-weather gear. I find that it’s key to do a little refreshing before the season fully hits, both as a motivator/reminder that The Winter That Would Not End will in fact do so, and also to avoid buying meh things out of desperation (“ugh, crap it’s really hot all of a sudden”). Recently, I bought a pair of shoes.

I actually really hate buying shoes. Here’s how it often goes with me: I don’t want to spend money on shoes if they’re going to hurt my feet, so once in a while I buy a pair of shoes, usually on the cheap in some way, and they often hurt my feet, most likely because they are cheap. I typically buy so few that I stick to boring pairs (the line between “classic” and “boring” is a fine one), and then I wear to death any of the few pairs that are comfortable, and then they look shoddy.

Can I get a witness?

So. In an effort to break my bad footwear habit and inject some bold spring freshness into my below-the-knee style, I bought these mint suede platform sandals. (Note: these are now on sale, and were over $100 when I bought them. Yes, that is pricey for me, especially for “frivolous shoes that I will not wear to work.”) Out of my comfort zone? Check. Comfortable? Check (yes, really!).

Ready, set, spring!

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All these pretty things

Posted on February 23, 2013
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{various something blues, available here}

Remember that photoshoot I mentioned in a previous post? It was for Ciao Sposa, the new bridal accessories line by Ciao Nina. Nina O’Neil, who makes, finishes, and/or sources each piece by hand, is a homegrown talent who spends her workdays at the National Gallery of Art and has built an impressive business for herself on the side.

The day of the shoot, blushing nonbrides gathered for the affair. We got pretty, wore white gauzy things and cooed over Nina’s pieces, which are vintage-inspired, fashion-forward, feminine and wonderfully original. Who wants to look like every other bride?

Here are some of my favorite shots and/or pieces.


{Cream and silver headpiece}


{Pale blue crinoline veil}


{Honolulu headpiece}

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The Party People

Posted on November 21, 2012
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Last weekend I celebrated my birthday (I’m still 27, isn’t that amazing?!) and celebrations involved some great people and places around town. On Friday, I had dinner at Izakaya Seki, the new little Japanese place a few steps off U Street.


I loved the shochu, a distilled alcoholic drink that I like over ice in the cute tin cups they use. I want to go back to try the sweet potato, green tea, and black sugar varieties. I love the way the bottles look, too…they’d make an unexpected idea to bring to a party or give as a gift.

Next we went to Bohemian Caverns to hear Jonathan Batiste play jazz. He’s a 26 year-old whiz from Louisiana, now in NY, who in addition to playing shows with all the greats all over the country, often plays with the Stay Human Band in the streets and in the subways. He’s an incredible musical storyteller. I felt lucky to be in the audience with a great, intimate crowd that included the Turkish Ambassador, who is, it turns out, an enormous fan.


The next night I went to the launch of Ulysses Room, the new art/retail/event loft and creative brainchild of Virginia Arrisueno of DENADA & her artist husband Kelly Towles along with creative duo Carla Cabrera and Marshall Johnson (of TPWP). I took home one of Virginia’s cozy, perfectly made scarves (thank you, Ulysses Room!)–in fact, I’m wearing it as I type from my mother’s ancient computer–and I plan to go back to the space for another one. They have the right slouch, weight and drape for both form and function–perfect for staying stylish in cooler weather. Just look at all of these beautiful Washingtonians:





After that, it was off to my co-birthday celebration with the lovely Shannon Cusello (if you get your hair cut at Immortal Beloved, as I do, you have seen her and her exquisite tiny-ness there). We drank a special “Scorpio Stingers” all night.



And now I’m home in lovely Lexington, Virginia hanging out with the trees and the sunshine and my parents and pies. Life is good.

{Ulysses Room images courtesy Marshall Johnson of The President Wears Prada)

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