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Posted on June 19, 2013
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{This post was inspired by a paper daffodil class I took recently, taught by Brittany of The House That Lars Built…she’s my girl-crush, as documented in a guest post I did on Brightest Young Things here and such a Total DIY Rockstar that she recently appeared on The Today Show. Someday, I will be as cool…}

I’m not a DIYer. While I do consider myself as creative–I always have for aesthetic ideas bouncing around in my mind–I don’t really know how to sew or make jewelry or artfully distress a pair of jeans. I do, however, have several cool scraps of fabric laying around my house that I’ve been saving for the day when I magically learn to sew and decide to make pillows (I know, they aren’t hard). I have some amazing sea branches on my dresser from a trip to Puerto Rico that I imagine being really cool displays/organizers for my necklaces. Every time I dig through my pile of jewels, I’m reminded of my DIY-ineptitude.

I realize that part of the DIY-fun is trying it, figuring it out, and maybe failing, but the part of me that is wildly perfectionistic wants to just jump into being a Total DIY Rockstar.

Lately, I’ve noticed a slew of classes–online and in-person, that seem like the perfect solution. Here are some 4 options, 3 of which are local!


Topaz & Arrow: Creative duo Morgan Hungerford West and Virginia Arrisueno will lead monthly DIY classes for home and personal style. The first one, involving some sort of branch-and-feather home project, is next week.


Corcoran College of Art + Design Continuing Education classes: Classes are taught by pros inn their field, most of the instructors working artists themselves. Offerings include everything from printmaking and book arts to jewelry-making and 3D printing (that one starts September 8).


LivingSocial: LivingSocial, if you’re still signed up for those maddening emails, offers classes at its F Street location; courses have included flower arranging: https://www.livingsocial.com/events/cities/1-washington-d-c/647184-floral-arranging-class


PS I Made This on SkillShare: Erica Domesek, who runs the addictive DIY blog P.S. I Made This, is running online classes that you can take at your leisure. Coming up, learn how to make embroidered statement jewelry.

Any you know of/like?


Posted on June 4, 2013
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This weekend I decamped to Lexington, Virginia for some restorative family time and outdoor challenges. I’m almost done with Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and reading it has been giving me serious hiking urges and overall wanderlust. Plus, I miss the smell of the honeysuckle and the sound of treefrogs and the Eastern Towhee. You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.



On Saturday we hiked up above Goshen Pass, where I grew up swimming in the summers. We crossed a swinging footbridge across the river, then hiked Hunters Trail and Little Peak Trail to Viewing Rock, where we had a great view of Lake Merriweather.



I snuggled with my nieces and nephews, ate delicious breakfasts out on the porch, inspected my parents’ gardening skills, and marveled at the stars. On Saturday night, the field leading up to my parent’s house was filled with hundreds of fireflies, making the top half of the view the dark sky filled with bright stars and the bottom half a field lit by starlight and hundreds of firefly lights. It was as if they were shooting stars. I can’t even describe how amazing it was, and there wasn’t any way to photograph it. Sometimes the best things can’t be captured.