Ready your pedis….it’s time for spring!

Posted on April 9, 2013
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Spring (errrr, summer?!) sprang so fast that I haven’t even had time to transition my warm-weather gear. I find that it’s key to do a little refreshing before the season fully hits, both as a motivator/reminder that The Winter That Would Not End will in fact do so, and also to avoid buying meh things out of desperation (“ugh, crap it’s really hot all of a sudden”). Recently, I bought a pair of shoes.

I actually really hate buying shoes. Here’s how it often goes with me: I don’t want to spend money on shoes if they’re going to hurt my feet, so once in a while I buy a pair of shoes, usually on the cheap in some way, and they often hurt my feet, most likely because they are cheap. I typically buy so few that I stick to boring pairs (the line between “classic” and “boring” is a fine one), and then I wear to death any of the few pairs that are comfortable, and then they look shoddy.

Can I get a witness?

So. In an effort to break my bad footwear habit and inject some bold spring freshness into my below-the-knee style, I bought these mint suede platform sandals. (Note: these are now on sale, and were over $100 when I bought them. Yes, that is pricey for me, especially for “frivolous shoes that I will not wear to work.”) Out of my comfort zone? Check. Comfortable? Check (yes, really!).

Ready, set, spring!

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