We love the 90s: Angelina + Liv



A few weeks ago, a good friend threw herself a middle school dance-themed 30th birthday. There were bottles of ! perfume, mixtapes featuring Julianna Hatfield and the My So-Called Life theme, babydoll dresses, and possibly best of all, stacks of early 90s fashion mags from the collection of a person with a more severe magazine-hoarding problem than mine. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is this: there was a time – that’d be 1992 – when Liv Tyler was on the cover of Seventeen (age 15!) and Angelina Jolie was hawking prom dresses (and looking just as EFFING AMAZING as she does now). Also, never throw away magazines.

Are you ready for this?:


I love the ninetieeees (oh yes…there WILL be more).


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