Giveaway: Tickets to ‘Ann’ at the Kennedy Center!


Former Texas Governor Ann Richards told it like is. She also (for better or for worse) helped define the 80’s power suit look in Washington, with its wide shoulder pads, large buttons and straight lines. In many ways her power suit became one of her key striking visual elements, her superhero outfit. She was known for speaking her mind in the great tradition of the powerful Southern woman, and was known for killer political barbs and smart humor. She once said of women in politics: “If you give us the chance, we can perform. After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” I had heard that quote before–maybe you had, too? but didn’t realize it was Ann Richards.

“Ann” at the Kennedy Center is played – and produced and written – by another powerful female figure in her own right, veteran and impeccably-cheekboned actress Holland Taylor (read about her research for the play at POLITICO here).

One lucky winner will score 2 tickets for the 7:30 show on January 4. Show (email me a pic – to rachel(at)projectbeltway(dot)com) or tell us (by leaving a comment) your “power suit:” What do you put on that makes you feel powerful? It it one thing? A go-to badass outfit? Hilarious or downright serious, talk about that outfit that makes you feel in charge.

“Ann” runs from December 17-January 15. Check it out here.

Enter before 8pm December 27. Good luck!


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