Announcing: our winner


Our winner for tickets to see ‘Ann’ at the Kennedy Center January 4, Holly Marshall, wrote in with some images of the item in her wardrobe that makes her feel most powerful: cowboy boots! “Smooth black leather boots sewn with multi-colored stitching and inlaid with white cowhide in the shape of a longhorn heads on the front,” to be exact. She writes:

“Over the years I’ve gone on a rampage of gratitude for these boots. What do I wear while standing tall and ready in sweats in the kitchen for that phone interview, surrounded by scripts of talking points? My cowhead boots. How about that meeting with my VP of Marketing? The favorite Levis, a silk blazer, and the cowhead boots.”

She’s worn them on daytrips to Charlottesville with a strappy summery dress (in the pic shown), dancing, and to the Texas State Society Inauguration Ball.

“Ann was strong, bold, and unique. She was a superhero because she had all that–and the fun.
When it comes to power, if you’ve got not just strength and bravado but also a sense of fun and humor, you’ve got the scales tipped in your favor. Wearing these boots, I always get that second interview and usually I get the job.”

Looks like those boots aren’t letting you down this time, either! Congrats, Holly, and enjoy ‘Ann.’

p.s. Readers: I’ve just been packing and I’ve decided that if it can’t be worn with boots, it’s not coming with me. That seems about right.


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