Obama sends a Blackberry message


Politico just ran a story about the President rocking his Blackberry in France. Does this bother me? Actually, no. As I said to writer Julie Mason, I think it says a lot about the kind of leader he wants to be. Communication in all its forms has always been Obama’s best weapon – we saw the success of it in the first campaign and will see ready-access technology play a huge role in the upcoming; it was evident in speeches now and all the way back to that DNC breakthrough in ’04. And wearing it conveys a sense of duty and approachability to us all. I find it neverendingly fascinating to see the ways in which political figures send messages via the clothes – and, for better or worse, devices – they wear. If a Blackberry is Obama’s best weapon, I’m happy to see our Commander-in-Chief with his at the ready.


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