Backs to Basics with Banana Republic

Spring 2011 231

Spring 2011 234

Let’s take an inventory of my recent purchases, shall we? Here we go: Ralph Lauren cerulean blue silk palazzo pants, (completely) sheer polka-dot silk tank, vintage pink polka-dot party dress. Aside from my obvious addiction to silk and polka dots, one thing is clear here: I do NOT like to shop for basics. I do not OWN the basics that I think a lot of women have multiples of. I do not want to buy anything unless it is special. I refuse to shop for having an office job. I think part of me is holding on to some ridiculous idea that I won’t REALLY have to work/go into an office all day, and that my daily wear should and will consist of things like vintage silk loungewear.


This is not the case, is it ladies? And truth be told, it is impossible to wear our special pieces without the basics that allow them to shine. And when it comes down to it, the simplest and quietest pieces are often the most beautiful and elegant. I had just been contemplating this issue (as, in a state of half-dress, I stared down a favorite pink brocade swing coat with beaded edging and wondered wear it with) when something of a lucky thing happened: the lovely folks at Banana Republic asked me to participate in their After 5 Event next Thursday at the Tysons Corner store, which has an enormous selection, including the lovely Banana Republic Signature line.


It involved me picking out pieces from the store and styling them in my own way. Go to the experts in clean, wearable and affordable basics, and special them up with items from my own closet: are yall reading my MIND?! Genius.

Here are some pics of me trying on basics in the dressing room. I went to a tiny BR store that did not carry the Signature line, and I think this helped me stick to the basics

Spring 2011 214

I actually liked both of these but didn’t take either home. I might need to go back for the pants. I hate pants. I need pants. Sigh.

Spring 2011 223

This pink strapless dress was cute, but too big (the size 2 was too big. God bless vanity sizing) and um, a strapless pink dress isn’t so basic, is it. But look! how great! with my brocade pink coat! That’s a lot of pink…

Spring 2011 227

As you see above, I took home this look. White is the loveliest shade for a basic, especially in the summer. This white eyelet pencil skirt is really well-made and I’ll get a ton of wear out of it this season. And eyelet makes it…special, no?

Event Details:
Thursday, May 19, 5-7 p.m.
Banana Republic Tysons Corner

25% off a $100 or more purchase
Chance to meet me, my co-hosts Vyque from Fassonaburu, Liz from So Much to Smile About, and E from District of Chic and get our styling tips
AND enter a raffle to win a free 4-day, 3-night trip to Los Angeles, compliments of Banana Republic and Virgin America (flight + hotel room)



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