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Friday, April 22, 2011



Last night was the ArtJamz “Top Artista Challenge” at Bloomingdale’s I mentioned the other week and despite being a little intimidated at first – that first stroke of paint is the scariest, I discovered – I won! The event paired each of us with a mannequin dressed in (very covetable) spring dresses and accessories and asked that we paint a complementary canvas while attendees shopped and voted for their favorite work of art.

Spring 2011 166

Spring 2011 167

I used a scalpel-like tool instead of a paintbrush to really layer the paint on and create texture.

A portion of the proceeds of clothing purchased during the event went to Becky’s Fund (if you go today or tomorrow to shop, bring your receipt to customer service and ask that they give it to Heather Guay, and it’ll count); and then two generous supporters/art enthusiasts offered to purchase my painting and the painting Holly Thomas – a close second – did. Growing up and reading Babysitter’s Club books, I always wanted to be like Claudia Kishi, (the “artistic” one) or Stacey (the “fashionable” one) – how fun to have had the opportunity to make that happen!



I spoke to one attendee who, having watched me work, said he thought that he could do it, too. It was really inspiring to watch someone get so excited about letting loose, getting creative and trying something new. Remember when we were little and we painted with abandon? Hey ArtJamz…how about finger painting next time?


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