Getting In: The Georgetown House Tour


I love to walk along favorite streets (T Street near my house in NW, certain stretches of Swann Street…) and gaze into the windows and courtyards from the sidewalk, glimpsing what I can about the design and decor of the homes. There is a certain romanticism to this act – and a certainly an allure, like a 19th-century glimpse of an ankle – to being able to see only a sliver of what’s inside. This is the thrill of the Georgetown House Tour, or any house tour, really, but the Georgetown House Tour is the local standard. The homes are – without argument – impressive, lovely, and full of art, stunning objects, and history. I have always wanted to do the Georgetown House Tour. This weekend, I am finally doing it! Tonight is the Patron’s Party at the home of Leslie and Perry Steiner (hosted by Party Chair Charles DeSantis and co-chairs Martha Vicas and Nancy Margaret Ray Adler). Leslie is the author of both the NYT bestseller Crazy Love and Mommy Wars, and what makes the Party so fab is that the house hosting is NOT on the tour.

Before the Steiners were its occupants, the sister of celebrated Washington hostess and journalist Betty Beale lived there. The actual Tour is this Saturday, and the quintessential day is to do the Tour and hit up the French Market for sales on antiques, clothes…and to eat lots of crepes. I, for one, will still be peeking into windows; this time, at the almost-open rag & bone store on M Street.

Pics from the Patron’s Party and Tour to come!

*Henry Kissinger and his wife once lived in the house above (3018 Dumbarton). No big deal.


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