District Sample Sale Tickets on Sale

Posted on February 22, 2011
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District Sample Sale founders Jayne Sandman, Mary Amons, Barbara Martin, Shannon Haley and Liberty Jones

DSS flier

The tenth District Sample Sale will take place March 29 from 5:30-9:30, and tickets just went on sale. It’s one of the most fun fashion events in town, not just for the awesome deals on gorgeous pieces from local boutiques, but for the sheer thrill of beating hundred of other women to that hidden gem on the racks at 90% off retail.

This spring’s event is taking place at 2101 L Street, a new location for the event, which means that without a doubt, this one will be bigger and better than ever.

Tickets are available here, and keep in mind that the more you spend on your ticket, the more access you’ll have to the best goods, a swag bag laden with goodies, and best of all, the more money will go directly to this season’s designated lucky local charity, E.L. Haynes Public Charter School.

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Karlie Rocks and Rolls

Posted on February 17, 2011
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Attending a dance performance always makes me walk just a bit differently afterward. I stand up a little straighter, my neck elongates, there’s a purposefulness to my movement that’s somewhat more catlike. Last night I saw The Washington Ballet’s new Rock & Roll– a work in three parts that conflates the traditions and structure of ballet, that storied institution, with the freedom and irresistible swagger that made – and makes – rock & roll so exciting. Doing so uses the best of both to great physical effect: the idea that the next move could be either a loose-hipped gyration or a tightly executed pirouette, and they both happen. When the bursts come, they are explosive, but then they stop, they break, just short of the peak, and then do it again, snapping tight, releasing, the stare and flicker of the eyelash all part of the act. That essential control of the body in ballet is why the form is so important as a foundation. Something like the idea that you must know the rules so that you may break them.

It’s this foundation in ballet that allows model Karlie Kloss to so magnetically take charge of the runway. As Washington Post reporter Sarah Kaufman wrote from Fashion Week on Tuesday, ballet served as an essential part of the model’s training. Interest in Kloss, her walk and her ballet background is nothing new, however. Beyond simply grace, what ballet taught her was body control and manipulation. It taught her presence, and it gave her the foundation for subversion. Kaufman’s article focuses on the model’s feminine, gracefully sexy walk, but it was not always so. Her walk now is not the walk it used to be. Kloss looks markedly different in 2011 than she did nearly three years ago, in 2008, when New York magazine palled around with the slightly gawky then-15 year-old, talking prom and introducing her to Molly Simms, who plays the Fairy GodModel and pronounces her pretty. In the video accompanying Kaufman’s piece, Kloss has clearly transformed from the lanky teenager to a more filled-out woman, and her movement has changed accordingly. She is freer now. Her hips move more, and they mirror the sway of her shoulders and the subtle tilts of the head. She is still ballet, but she is definitely also rock & roll.

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District Sparkle

Posted on February 14, 2011
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I stopped this lovely woman (those dimples!) the other night walking past the White House because I loved the sparkly jewel fastened to her fur coat. I love this idea for adding a bit of texture and fun to an everyday coat as we tough out the last month or so of cold winter weather.

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Last-Minute-McGee Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

Posted on February 10, 2011
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For all of you last-minute lovers, some random gift ideas for pleasing the significant other in your life, be they Mr/Ms Right or Mr/Ms Right Now.


If he likes booze…


Catocin Creek in Purcellville, Virginia makes a great organic rye bourbon (hat tip: my friend and fellow Virginian Pepper Watkins). Bonus: Virginia is for lovers!

{Catocin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye, $39.50 per bottle, at Catocin Creek)

If he wants your help getting dressed:


…(he does) – these cherry shades are unlike any other shades his friends will have (hat tip: Andrew Noyes). WeWood makes watches out of wood that are rustic, lightweight and durable – and as good-looking as he is.

{Canby Cherry, $98, at Shwood}

If he likes umm, you and has a sense of humor….

Go and get yourself vajazzled. That’s right, bedazzling for your your lady bits. You will both laugh, and he will love the ridiculousness of it all.

{Vajazzle, about $15, at Skin Beauty Lounge}

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