Last-Minute-McGee Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

For all of you last-minute lovers, some random gift ideas for pleasing the significant other in your life, be they Mr/Ms Right or Mr/Ms Right Now.


If he likes booze…


Catocin Creek in Purcellville, Virginia makes a great organic rye bourbon (hat tip: my friend and fellow Virginian Pepper Watkins). Bonus: Virginia is for lovers!

{Catocin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye, $39.50 per bottle, at Catocin Creek)

If he wants your help getting dressed:


…(he does) – these cherry shades are unlike any other shades his friends will have (hat tip: Andrew Noyes). WeWood makes watches out of wood that are rustic, lightweight and durable – and as good-looking as he is.

{Canby Cherry, $98, at Shwood}

If he likes umm, you and has a sense of humor….

Go and get yourself vajazzled. That’s right, bedazzling for your your lady bits. You will both laugh, and he will love the ridiculousness of it all.

{Vajazzle, about $15, at Skin Beauty Lounge}

If he likes to eat, and you can cook….


Unleash your inner trophy housewife and put on a dress, high heels, lipstick and a cute apron and make (or at least serve) him dinner.

{Polka Dot Dreams Apron, $18, at BenefitJewels}

If he likes to WIN or appreciates a deal, and/or likes art….


Check out the Cloud9 promotions and contests at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Prizes and two-for-one Thursday Date Night deals await (you just have to print out the coupon!).

{Two for the price of one $10 ticket with coupon; $15 Champagne & Kisses includes bubbly and chocolate-covered strawberries; priceless works of art, check it out at the Corcoran Gallery of Art}


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