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Posted on January 27, 2011
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If you were too vain to wear practical, water-resistant shoes to work yesterday, or too lazy to do so and bring more attractive office-appropriate shoes (I was both), you may have ruined your shoes with ugly salt-water marks, as I did. Or thought you had ruined them. Fear not: the fix is simple. Cup water + tablespoon white vinegar = happy boots, good as new.





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And when we arrived, we arrived…in style.

Posted on January 20, 2011
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chrysler 1


I missed the Golden Globes over the weekend, and apparently the debut of this fantastic new video from Chrysler. From a marketing perspective, it touches on so many elements that resonate right now, in fashion and culturally – notably the appeal of nostalgia and times past, a certain back-to-basics sentiment, the rise of Americana/ “heritage” brands and vintage glamour. The use of Obama-like pacing (:26!) wasn’t an accident, either. Loving the messaging in this commercial and its desire to return to a time of unapologetic glamour, of dressing and acting like ladies and gentlemen. Now if only we could return to a time when cars looked as distinctively stylish as they did then.

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DC Designer Rochelle Behrens Lands on the Oprah Show

Posted on January 13, 2011
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The Shirt

Big ups to Rochelle Behrens, whose kinda-perfect no-gape shirts, aptly called The Shirt, are being featured rightthisminute (on the East Coast, at least) on the Oprah show. THE OPRAH SHOW YALL. I’ve been a fan of Rochelle and her designing skills since 2008, so I gladly volunteered to be a part of her current marketing campaign, which we shot last winter in Logan Circle. Who among us HASN’T wondered why somebody out there can’t figure out how to make these dang shirts not gape? For that, we – and our lady lumps – thank you, Rochelle. Available online here.

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Probably the first of many aspirational-spring-dressing posts

Posted on January 12, 2011
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via simplicityisbliss

Okay, that’s it. I’m over this inappropriately bitter, horrifically abusive windy cold. I’ve worn all of the winter-appropriate clothing in my closet that I actually like. A few key items have made the process far more exciting than normal (vintage long peacoat-style coat with abbreviated sleeves…which necessitated the purchase of long leather gloves, a pair of the most perfect dramatically wide, high-waisted, Katharine Hepburn-esque trousers), but the time for full-on daydreaming about spring and its clothing possibilities has arrived, people. And also, the time to win the lottery, because if I did, this impossibly lovely, creamy pink chiffon bit of loveliness would be high up on the list of spring wants/lusts.

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