Not Dead + Three Favorite Dresses.

Oh, well hi.

Your incredibly delinquent fashion blogger here, reporting for duty. Thanks to the number of you who wrote me, begging me to come back/making sure I wasn’t dead-in-a-ditch-somewhere. I have no real excuse for my absence other than overall busy-ness with work. I promise to be better, which for me means not obsessing over making a post long or super newsy, but sharing this site as more of a visual diary of fashion and whatever else I find interesting. Anyway, enough apologies and promises. Let’s kick things off with some fun dresses! I’m not one to post many personal style shots, but I can’t resist showing you three amazingly gorgeous dresses I’ve worn recently(ish) to events at work and around town.


This is a silk Mischen dress from Gilt Groupe that I wore to Washington Life’s Young & the Guest List party. I love the shot of bright coral with that peachy pink and bone neutral. I’m loving long dresses and skirts lately – the look is certainly enjoying a renaissance, thankgawd, effing minis…- and would love to style this dress up to wear semi-casually, too.


Another Mischen dress! This is a closet favorite at the moment, due in no small part to the alterations I had done by my all-time favorite seamstress gurus, Kristen and Erin of ReVamp (out of an apartment in Shaw, for now). Both work at Treasury when they’re not tailoring and repurposing. If you love something, have it tailored.



Speaking of fit, observe the dress I wore to the Corcoran Ball, made for me by local designer Taimur Baig. The dramatic molded shoulders were hand-embellished with jet beads and feathers, and the overall look was inspired by his Spring/Summer 2010 moth+butterfly themed collection. Yes, we do have this level of design talent in this town.

* who’s that girl with the dark Uma Thurman bob and awesome taste in dresses? My colleague, Kristin!


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