Poppy Mouth.

One of my favorite makeup looks of late is a bold, poppy-bright lip. It looks so feminine and glamorous, but is actually very easy to do, since it looks best with a near-naked face. So many of us reach for lip gloss that we forget the impact a bold lip can have. Try it tomorrow morning, and take note of how much more you are noticed (shades on my list-to-try: MAC Ruby Woo, Estee Lauder Cherry Ice, Chanel Gabrielle…anyone have a favorite?).

There is something so womanly and self-possessed about a woman applying her lipstick. To that point: observe Vanessa Paradis, the face of Chanel’s lipstick line, Rouge Coco, singing and whistling What a Day for a Daydream, engaging in the semi-private ritual in the “behind-the-scenes” campaign video, far better than the final edited version.

I got a sneak peek at the video during a preview for the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event, going on through Sunday (awesome free gifts w/a minimum purchase – so definitely go if you buy any sort of nice makeup and need to re-stock)

I’m positively smitten with Vanessa at the moment: her overall French sex-kittenishness, her comments about her relationship with Johhny Depp, the Joe Le Taxi video (omg!) and especially this video, which is making me want an old barn and a kitty.


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