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Posted on February 17, 2010
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J.Crew via nitrolicious

It is the understatement of the century to say that I’m sick of winter, these piles of dirty snow everywhere, and every single piece of winter clothing I own. I actually had a dream last night that I came upon Marion Cotillard, who had such winter blues that she’d taken to wearing drab black clothes, eating bad Chinese takeout and never leaving the house (and I trying to tell myself something…?). From this point onward, I’m going to set my sights on spring and preeeetty much pretend that winter is not here, and think about what I want to wear when that delicious warm/cool air starts blowing.

One look that I’m loving, and, I think, eager to try, is this whole socks-with-chunky-sandals thing. Also liking the look with flat oxfords too (see the J.Crew lookbook image above…and a selection of their socks here). That feminine/boyish mix really appeals to me, and with sandals I just really love the added texture and if going for contrast, color. I’ve seen a ton of looks with both skirts/dresses and with pants. What do you all think?


love the pink and red combo on chictopia


and this sweet skirted look, also from chictopia, that seems to give the look the right proportion


from papernstitch, this would look so pretty with a soft outfit in the same dreamy neutrals

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A New Feeling Enters the World

Posted on February 11, 2010
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A few months ago I finished The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. The book itself is a bit hard to define, but reflects the complexities of human emotion and experience in a quiet, deep way that is completely absorbing. Around the time I finished it and thought about putting up some of my favorite passages, I came across the Swedish blog Niotillfem, whose author, Sandra, had just posted her favorite passages. A kindred spirit, so far away! If you’ve read the book, this is discovery was especially cool. Be sure to check out her blog, filled with images of Sandra, her lovely friends and boyfriend, and gorgeous images of parties and food. Here are some of my favorite passages:










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A Breath of Farm-Fresh Air

Posted on February 8, 2010
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Just quickly interrupting your slipper-clad, work-from-home day (hopefully) to mention how much I love the February cover of Vogue featuring Jessica Biel. She looks so fresh-scrubbed gorgeous that I took pause to stare when it arrived the other week. Just when I start to feel like Vogue is settling into a self-congratulatory magazine rut, they surprise me with a fresh, perfectly executed angle, theme, or photoshoot that makes me fall in love with the magazine all over again (anyone else love the November Green issue?!). The shoot manages to achieve something more personal than your typical actress-promoting-a-movie-and looking-pretty spread, reflecting both her public persona (all forties-era Hollywood glamour with Veronica Lake inspired waves and elegant dresses) and her private, “real” life (on a ranch in California, she wears denim, very little makeup, and as we see in the behind-the-scenes video, displays genuine girl-from-Colorado chill when a rooster shits on her back). Any girl who struggles to reconcile her many sides will appreciate and relate.

Seems to me that Biel would be the ideal face for an upcoming Ralph Lauren campaign. Then she could ditch the Revlon deal, which has her looking too tarted-up anyway. Seems like Anna agrees, from the tone of her editor’s letter. And whatever Anna wants….

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The Love Campaign

Posted on February 2, 2010
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Ohhhh Valentine’s Day. If you’re dating someone it can be awesome (emphasis on the ‘can’), if you’re not it can be awkward. All of the hubbub and smug couples walking around can make you feel lonely even if you honestly don’t care the other 364 days of the year. I think it’s too bad that the only idea of love that anyone seems to celebrate – or feel pressured to celebrate – on Valentine’s Day is romantic love, when love and its attendant expressions (appreciation, discovery, joy, contentment, friendship) can be found in so many aspects of life and interaction, and are in fact the essential building blocks with which to build romantic connection. Before I continue blathering on in this post about the meaning of love (which I totally have figured out, natch), I’ll end by saying that Valentine’s Day should be a time to celebrate love in all of its many iterations, overt and covert, obvious and mysterious. I welcome a time when both Valentine’s Day and our country think more inclusively about love.

For that reason, and because Alex and Chloe consistently churn out democratically priced, cheeky-cool accessories, I put forth a very worthwhile item that embraces love in all sorts of lovely forms: the Alex and Chloe Heart Necklace, designed exclusively for the Human Rights Campaign (past collabs include Marc Jacobs, Heatherette and Michael Kors). Cool design that will look great with everything from tees to girlie spring dresses, and all of the proceeds from the necklace, tee and hoodie support the HRC mission of establishing fundamental civil rights for everyone. Now that’s love.

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