Wanna Get Close to You.

Posted on January 15, 2010
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What can I say. I’m giddy. I’m overcaffeinated. It’s Friday, and this song + music video is so silly and puts me in such a good mood that I have to share.


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Dance Dance Dance

Posted on January 13, 2010
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A live performance of ‘Dance Dance Dance’ outside, somewhere, in LA.

I am so sick of this cold! It’s always around this time of year that I begin to contemplate the benefits of owning a pair of fleece-lined jeans from LL.Bean. The other night I actually blasted my feet with a hairdryer before I got into bed. But one eve last week, I returned home from what ended up being a truly inspired and energizing performance from The Child Ballads at Velvet Lounge, and didn’t want to turn off. It wasn’t long before I was flailing around my room, in various states of (un)dress, first to Lykke Li’s Dance, Dance, Dance, then More Than a Woman (RIP Aaliyah) and finally, in a scene worthy of My So-Called Life, Led Zeppelin’s Fool in the Rain. That part when the whistle comes in? YEAH.

We’ve all had a lot of time to think, makes resolutions, be better. Let’s just not forget how good it feels to not even think, but to just dance madly around our rooms. We should be grateful for life and music and the ability to dance at all. Not to mention how good it feels to fall asleep in a warm tired happy heap in our beds.

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Not a Plastic Bag.

Posted on January 13, 2010
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In addition to other beginning-of-year-planning and resolving (yoga!), I’ve been thinking some about the direction I’d like to take the blog. Clearly, PB is not the street-style site it used to be (you can see that over at my Washingtonian column though), and the categories over there on the right are seriously not cutting it. Mainly I’ve been feeling limited by the strictly-fashion stuff, since my interests are really varied – food, art, music and, more and more recently, interior design (love Design Sponge’s “Living In” posts).

So just a heads-up that I’m planning to make the blog more stream-of-conscious, more inspiration-driven, more me in this new year. Your comments and ideas highly encouraged. It really makes my day when I hear what yall are thinking about and into.

Right now, I have to share a Washington Post news item that caught my eye today: the impressive but shady handbag collection of Harriette Walters, built using the $50 million in taxpayer dollars she famously stole, is up for sale, at prices that appear lower than what they’d be on ebay. The auction is loaded with enough Chanel, Louis and Cartier to make your pretty head spin.

The irony of this sale happening as we’re all getting used to the new bag tax is sort of awesome, and if you’re into labels you should start bidding now: according to MIT (via New York mag’s The Cut), (fake) plastic bags won’t satisfy you anyway.

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Norman Ambrose’s Intelligent Elegance

Posted on January 8, 2010
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A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting designer Norman Ambrose at Neiman Marcus. It was a random weekend day, I was there as part of errand-running, but I knew his work from last year’s Spring preview, where I saw one of his impeccable hand-beaded gowns for the first time. Aside from being enormously talented (he’s not yet 30) and sharply-dressed (he prefers the trad-but-slim-cut stylings of Tom Ford suits…for now, til he ventures into menswear), he’s wonderfully gracious and funny.



His line is so fantastically ladylike and classic, reminiscent of the days when women dressed for lunch, dinner and cocktails. Fittingly, he imagined an heiress making her trans-Atlantic voyage for his Spring collection.


Such shameless romance and fantasy! His off-white silk gown was inspired by what he called the “intelligent elegance” of Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief. Designing with glamour in mind is in his DNA: after fleeing Europe during WWII, his grandmother came to California and worked for silver screen designer Irene Lenz.



Norman asked a model to slip into this dress while we talked. The lining on this incredible party dress is just one example of the thoughtful details that set his pieces apart – the drape falls away from the body just so, and the coral lining creates a flattering pink glow on the exposed skin. Built-in lighting. Genius (I might add that Dorothy Draper often lined her curtains in pink to, I assume, achieve something of the same effect).


With a classy outfit or with something more casual and surprising, I love love love this “peony” evening jacket.


I’m so ready for Spring, can you tell (and look closely, the merchandise is already hitting stores)?! Since we are still in the throes of the cold winter months, though, I’m loving this iteration of the iconic YSL Le Smoking.

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