Handbag Crush.

A serendipitous path led me to Ralston, a new handbag line from DC-based Paige Ralston Fromer, who used to be on the Hill and at the RIAA. A friend who met her at a local restaurant told me about her, and soon I was lusting over several of the handbags online while she and I exchanged an email or two (and in full-on Web 2.0 obsession mode, I even googled her and looked her up on Facebook…and saw that we had a few friends in common). Then, one day when I happened to be in Bloomingdale’s in Chevy Chase, I was heading out the door when a bag caught my eye. I went over to admire it, and sure enough, it was Ralston, and there was Paige standing among them (on a white horse! Kidding.) Something drew me to the line, and fate led the way!


The Ralston “Cindy”


The Ralston “Raquel”

I’m crushing on two bags in particular: the Cindy (LOVE the studded details on the upturned sides of the bag. Ladylike and quietly subversive at once!) and the Raquel, which would be the perfect work-to-cocktails option. One’s fun and one’s serious. Can’t a girl have both? Which do yall like?

I’ll quickly add that she’s planned two trunk shows with Bloomingdale’s – November 14 in Chevy Chase and December 5 in Tyson’s Corner. But hands off my bag(s).


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