Bright Star Ritz Party & Screening Giveaway

BS - one sheet

I’ve been meaning to say how much I loved reading everyone’s comments for the September Issue giveaway. It relly got me excited for fall! So, let’s do another, shall we?!

Five lucky PB winners (and their lucky dates) will attend the party and advance screening of Bright Star, the latest film by Jane Campion (The Piano) and featuring Abby Cornish as a fiesty fashionista (Keats would shudder at the word). It opens in DC theaters Friday, September 25.

Monday, September 21
Party at the Georgetown Ritz (giveaways and Keats-inspired drink specials)
Screening at the Georgetown AMC immediately following

The film is about the passionate love between 23 year-old English poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne (Abby Cornish), an outspoken student of fashion. The synopsis:

This unlikely pair started at odds; he thinking her a stylish minx, she unimpressed by literature in general. It was the illness of Keats’s younger brother that drew them together. Keats was touched by Fanny’s efforts to help and agreed to teach her poetry. By the time Fanny’s alarmed mother (Kerry Fox) and Keats’s best friend Brown (Paul Schneider) realised their attachment, the relationship had an unstoppable momentum. Intensely and helplessly absorbed in each other, the young lovers were swept into powerful new sensations, “I have the feeling as if I were dissolving”, Keats wrote to her. Together they rode a wave of romantic obsession that deepened as their troubles mounted. Only Keats’s illness proved insurmountable.

Passionate love and fashion – what else is there (okay, plenty – but for out purposes…). And any movie, especially a lush period film, that makes use of the word “minx” is alright by me.

TO WIN: By 5:30 today, let us know what work of film or literature – or character or figure in film or literature – has inspired your taste in fashion. Good luck!


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