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Posted on September 25, 2009
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Aurora RL

Photo courtesy Marge Ely

The fashion spread in the fall 09 issue of FW was shot on location at the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery, showcasing, appropriately, sculptural looks for fall. My favorite look/shot is above: an oh-so-pretty Ralph Lauren wool sheath dress and wrap, Frank Gehry cuffs from Tiffany, and just-this-side-of-edgy Prada heels, in front of Mark Di Suervo’s “Aurora.”

FW, by the way, is throwing its one-year anniversary party on October 19 at the not-yet-open Masa 14 (on 14th Street next to Vastu) and everyone’s favorite street-style blogger Scott Schuman will be there! And, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s golden ticket system, you can win one of 50 tickets to attend. There are a few ways to enter, and one of them is to participate in a chat today at noon. I’ll be rushing around getting ready to fly out to the land of fleece (Denver) this weekend, so someone ask a question for me: does Scott plan to shoot the party?

Happy Weekend,

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A Love Letter.

Posted on September 24, 2009
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Dear antique Ford Bronco that lives on the 1300 block of T Street, NW,

We’ve never met, but I can’t stop thinking about you. I live two blocks away, and on my walks home I often take your way in the chance that I might see you. What is it about you that attracts me!? Others dream of some sleek, fast, and flawless thing – but I’ve never been one for the obvious or fastidiously kempt. There’s something effortless and natural about your cool.




Sure, you’re rusty in some places and even bald in others, but I like you just the way you are. I love your broad, rugged construction. I love the studding above your tires more than I love the studded minidress Madonna wears in her ‘Celebration’ video. Is it strange that I feel a level of familiarity, even comfort with you, already? That when I need trees and quiet, you’d understand and take me onto gravel roads? And when I crave the city again, we’d return with leaves in my hair and dirt on your floor? I long to feel your weight, to know your sounds. I want to know your pedals and how they move against me. I could spend countless hours learning all there is to know about you. I want us to laugh often, take long drives together, and sleep under the stars!


You belong to another, they’ve made it clear (a Club possessively clutching your wheel like gripping arms). But I’ll still be watching, dreaming, hoping.


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Immortal Beloved

Posted on September 21, 2009
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The salon Immortal Beloved celebrated its opening Saturday night in a converted warehouse/garage space on Church Street. Well-coifed/tattooed/dressed attendees munched cupcakes from old-school bakery Furin’s of Georgetown, drank white wine sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and beer chilling in sinks at the individual styling stations (so convenient, really…hair salon=ultimate smart party space…). Guests fell into two camps: current clients who gushed about the stylist techniques or curious guests who considered cheating on their own stylists for a hot, mussed fling.




Co-owner & man of the hour Kelly Gorsuch (formerly at Urban Style Lab) and Redeem’s Lori Parkerson, who contributed clothes for the site’s photo shoot.


Victoria Kurzweg, who modeled for the salon’s site, and Matty Taylor from the local band Tennis System.




…or no flash? Loved the hipster-poet look on the stylist from Salon Blu (center), and this woman’s embroidered tunic – her mother’s – was totally fantastic.



With Victoria Kurzweg, Jennifer Thornton and Lesley Benn.


Heaven looks like Lesley’s shoe closet. These are Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony. Bitchin.’



Adam from Marvin, who got a huge hug from me for wearing Carhartt overalls last weekend at my KEYA party.

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Bright Star Ritz Party & Screening Giveaway

Posted on September 18, 2009
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BS - one sheet

I’ve been meaning to say how much I loved reading everyone’s comments for the September Issue giveaway. It relly got me excited for fall! So, let’s do another, shall we?!

Five lucky PB winners (and their lucky dates) will attend the party and advance screening of Bright Star, the latest film by Jane Campion (The Piano) and featuring Abby Cornish as a fiesty fashionista (Keats would shudder at the word). It opens in DC theaters Friday, September 25.

Monday, September 21
Party at the Georgetown Ritz (giveaways and Keats-inspired drink specials)
Screening at the Georgetown AMC immediately following

The film is about the passionate love between 23 year-old English poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne (Abby Cornish), an outspoken student of fashion. The synopsis:

This unlikely pair started at odds; he thinking her a stylish minx, she unimpressed by literature in general. It was the illness of Keats’s younger brother that drew them together. Keats was touched by Fanny’s efforts to help and agreed to teach her poetry. By the time Fanny’s alarmed mother (Kerry Fox) and Keats’s best friend Brown (Paul Schneider) realised their attachment, the relationship had an unstoppable momentum. Intensely and helplessly absorbed in each other, the young lovers were swept into powerful new sensations, “I have the feeling as if I were dissolving”, Keats wrote to her. Together they rode a wave of romantic obsession that deepened as their troubles mounted. Only Keats’s illness proved insurmountable.

Passionate love and fashion – what else is there (okay, plenty – but for out purposes…). And any movie, especially a lush period film, that makes use of the word “minx” is alright by me.

TO WIN: By 5:30 today, let us know what work of film or literature – or character or figure in film or literature – has inspired your taste in fashion. Good luck!

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