For Tomorrow: Take Your Pick + Summer Reads

I can’t go to ANY of these, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.
UPDATE: Not sure why I thought the party at Ginger was today – it’s actually next Thursday (?!!?)…


First up, in a hilarious feat of Photoshop, the Mervis Importers “Diamonds and Chocolate” party from 4:30-7:30 (they seem to have forgotten to list that sorta important info on the event page). I’ll take two of those little chocolate thingies, thankyouverymuch. RSVP online via the link.

Living Chic Blog Launch Invite

Over in Georgetown, Stacy London makes a cameo at Urban Chic, probably wearing some sort of pretty sheath dress, accessorized by her long, glossy hair, expertly toned arms and overall quippy awesomeness. DAMMIT WHY CAN’T I GO?!! The unfairness of it all! I love Stacy London and What Not to Wear. Can someone ask her to please bring the show to Washington, just once?! RSVP to


In Bethesda, Ginger hosts local writer Cathy Alter and her now-in-paperback book Up for Renewal, which, by the way, is the perfect beach read (wickedly funny, inspiring). RSVP to

I leave for the Outer Banks this Saturday, and plan to replace my laptop with a stack of great books. In the pile (aside from Cathy’s book), thanks to recommendations from friends: The Devil in the White City, Middlesex, and The History of Love. And definitely Concord, Virginia – a set of short stories written by Peter Neofotis, an old friend from Lexingt..I mean, “Concord.” He gained momentum in New York telling these as one-acts (New Yorkers love the South) and I just heard that he’s here for the Fringe Festival!


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