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Posted on June 15, 2009
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My admiration for the actress Audrey Tautou went through the roof when I laid eyes on the gorgeous new film/commercial for Chanel no 5. The only version worth watching – that is, the quality is high-resolution enough – is here on the Chanel site.

Growing up, my mother had two perfumes, and she rarely wore either. One was a classic Ralph Lauren fragrance, and the other was Chanel no 5. It sat in a glass bottle next to a large white leather jewelry box filled with old costume jewelry atop her dresser, which contained pantyhose and other womanly garments I was allowed to paw through for playing dress-up with my friends. Once in a while when my parents would go out for the evening and leave me with our favorite babysitter, Caroline, I would help my mom get dressed and she would wear a dab of the perfume.

Even though I appreciate Chanel no 5, the first fragrance from Parisian couturier Coco Chanel, for its chic and glamorous past (Marilyn Monroe once said it was the only thing she wore to bed), I never really liked the fragrance that much on its own. More than that, I could never see myself wearing it. Sniffing it from its iconic bottle, it smelled too powdery, too…old. But this lovely movie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet featuring the loveliest of actresses, as well as the discovery of a vial of the perfume in my own vanity drawer, has changed my mind.

It is sophisticated and powerfully feminine, and it warms to the skin wonderfully. In its iconic bottle, it is a beautiful honey color. And it smells incredible on a woman. This time, that woman is me. ( :

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In the name of love

Posted on June 15, 2009
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More from Flaunt

Posted on June 12, 2009
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Some more images have emerged, from our other photographer, Marc Benton, and from my camera. From Marc:





From me:






Happy Weekend. More PB action next week…

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The Flaunt Show

Posted on June 8, 2009
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Here is the photographic evidence of how fun and awesome the Flaunt show was on Saturday. All photos by Shawn Duffy:



Honfleur Director Amy Cavanaugh with me in Durkl sunglasses


A model from L~Shandi kicks off the show


A lesson in shapes and texture from Artistic AYA




Taimur Baig’s/Mirza Mperial’s “Rudra” silk georgette & tulle dress


I came up to this woman and said, “I know you…?!” It’s Nakea West, a Sidewalk Style alum! Wearing a killer Alexander Wang skirt, I might add.

Flaunt_DJ Keenan

DJ Keenan Orr, who is pretty much too awesome for words.

It was so good. Despite road closures and the we’re-not-in-Northwest-anymore-locale, the show sold out by Friday and the place was packed to the GILLS. When I first came out on the runway (in my just-purchased Marc Jacobs dress) to welcome everyone and intro the first designer, I felt totally proud that there was NO room to breathe in the place but also bad for the folks in the back, straining to be able to see. It was really heartening to see so many people out supporting Honfleur (they’re part of the Anacostia community nonprofit ARCH) and the talented designers and photographers. I hope you’ll all go out there at some point to check out the gallery, including some of the amazing work upstairs including the hauntingly surreal work by Jean-Francois Rauzier.

Huge thanks to PR@Partners for doing hours of work for FREE on hair and makeup, to DJ Keenan, photographers Shawn Duffy and Marc Benton and to all of YOU for being there and body and/or spirit!

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