Betty vs. Veronica

I read a ton of Archie comics when I was growing up, so this recent news caught my attention: Archie, the hapless, boy-next-door figure, is going to choose between Betty and Veronica and propose marriage in an upcoming issue! That’s right kids, in a blog post about a week ago, the folks at Archie Comics revealed the news. Forget Cheney and Sotomayor, this is MAJOR NEWS. But who will he pick?! For those of you who haven’t been reading, Archie and his gang live in a fictional small town named Riverdale and have been in high school since 1941, when the cast of characters was originally drawn. And you thought the kids of 90210 never seemed to graduate! Betty Cooper is the sweet, girl-next-door type who is from the same ain’t-that-America sort of background as Archie. Veronica Lodge, naturally, is the rich brunette. Think Jen versus Angelina. As much as I am on Team Jolie and have been for quite some time (ever since Foxfire, basically), I think Betty needs to be the victor on this one.

To illustrate, I give you the “Betty” handbag from Cynthia Rowley via Gilt, a useful-looking tote with wholesome, preppy styling. It looks like a picket fence!


And then there’s the “Veronica,” a sleek and rather frivolous design from Big Buddha (Clutches with that type of handle drive me a little nuts. Too fussy).


See? The obvious choice here is Betty, even at a still-whopping $228 versus Veronica’s $60.

In a sense, I’m a little sad that this love triangle should come to an end. The character archetypes never really get old, but I guess it’s a reaction to the relevance of print media, particularly comics. When the same kids who were reading Archies fifteen years ago are now tuning in to Gossip Girl, I suppose you have find a way to compete (though guys, please, drop the blogs). In any case, I’ll gladly pony up $2.50 later this summer to find out if nice girls finish first.


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