Party Pics & A Week’s Worth of Freebies

I’m about to start prep for the Corcoran Ball tonight (Desiree Rogers, David & Sybil Yurman, Larry Gagosian…!!), but wanted to put up a few photos from last night’s Washington Life magazine Young & the Guest List party. Funny to think that, years back, before I even knew what this party was, and how important it was to a certain set of people in DC, I attempted to crash the annual soiree at the behest of a certain local media professional who shall go unnamed, who made sport of crashing parties around town.

The recession has been tough for everyone, and taxes have been an additional crush for some (I owe a good chunk of money this year…ugh.) Starting this Monday, I’ll be doing a week’s worth of giveaways on Project Beltway. This was inspired in part by the awesome 45-day long giveaway spree Lucky Magazine did recently (crossing my fingers that one of those prizes crosses my doorstep!) and giveaways like one from Chickdowntown for this Tibi mini green dress. We all deserve a little something right now.

There will be a different prize each day (possibly more than one per day), and something for everyone – including the guys. See you then!




Forgive me for shameless pictures of myself (with Becca Glover, left, and Sarah Taylor), but I had to show you my dress from Dana Greaves that I got a while back but was waiting for just the right occasion….




DJ Chris Burns (who totally gets away with wearing a denim suit) with girlfriend Star Silva.


The party was in a to-be-office building in NE Washington near Ibiza Nightclub (site of the afterparty), so the site had a real raw/unfinished, warehouse-vibe. We joked that Mr. Potato Head had gotten shot in this very spot.


Paula Mendoza and Muleh’s Chris Reiter.



Paula was wearing a jumpsuit that has a great, vacationing-in-Barcelona vibe (she has that vibe…so enchantingly effortless). I cannot get enough of her amazing jewels (sold at Muleh and Saks, I believe).


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