Flaunt It.

Posted on April 28, 2009
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I’m so proud of the talented group we’ve assembled for Flaunt, which opened this weekend. Heard some funny stories from a few of the designers/photographers, including the guys from Durkl. Adrian (above), their deliciously-grungy-in-an-Almost-Famous-kinda-way model, changed in the middle of the Connecticut Ave & K Starbucks – as in, did not wait for the bathroom to become available – and then sauntered out in the middle of crossing-pedestrian-traffic to capture two incredible, spontaneous images.


Maria from Righteous ReStyle and Lesley Benn (well, her hair anyway)




The model from Meaghan Gay’s “Fashion Suicide” series.

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Weekend Winner & More

Posted on April 27, 2009
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What a whirlwind of a weekend! Saturday night’s opening of Flaunt was a huge success: the photos are amazing – I can’t wait to tell you more about the designers and the back-stories of some of these collaborations. June 6, when we hold the fashion presentation, is going to be a great night. Save the date. And then Dana’s show yesterday was packed. Photos galore coming….

In the meantime, I want to announce the winner of the Freebie Weekend contest for the Chickdowntown top and scarf as Mary, who envisioned herself wearing the scarf at home, around her head a la Little Edie, for a Saturday morning on the couch. I loved reading everyone’s styling ideas, and thought it was great that some of you suggested wearing the scarf as a belt, on the head and around the wrist. You all had great ideas for this contest – I’m insanely jealous of the handful of you going abroad in the coming weeks – send me photos! Buy some great cheap scarves while you’re there! This contest gave me some serious shoppinglust, and now I can’t stop drooling over these unapologetically sweet earrings from Rachel Leigh and the summery sandals from Mystique.

A now, a few things:

++14th Street boutique Redeem is throwing one of their fun, DJ-infused, Red Stripe-sponsored parties called Three Labels Three Cities on Saturday, May 2. You’ll meet the faces behind New York line Love Brigade, Ohio-based men’s label Wrath Arcane, and DC’s own Plastic Heaven, launching a line of dresses inspired by the book The Secret Garden by Francess Hodgson Burnett.

++Dupont boutique Terra is presenting “Fashionably Fit: Style For Your Body on Your Budget” tomorrow from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Darlington House (1610 20th St. NW, 3rd floor). RSVP hello@shopterradc.com.

More later….

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Freebie Weekend: Clothes from Chickdowntown

Posted on April 25, 2009
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There’s so much going on this weekend: the Flaunt opening tonight, and the Get Trunk party on Sunday in Adams Morgan. In fact, the two items in this very awesome giveaway from Chickdowntown would be great to wear to either. First up, one of the gorgeous Tolani scarves from the site, and a super-soft tee from Nation LTD. Nothing beats a perfect, white, soft cotton t-shirt.

As much as I’m totally dying to add both of these to my own wardrobe, one of you lucky ladies deserves it more. So tell us what you’d wear it with, and where you’d go. I’ll choose the winner Monday around 11 AM. Here’s what I’d do:

White t-shirts remind me of summer in such a delicious way – ideally, I’d throw it on over a bikini top after a full day at the beach on the Outer Banks with my family. I’d be on the deck of our old beach house (sold years ago now) with a gin & tonic in one hand, a slice of watermelon in the other, the scarf tossed loosely around neck, blowing in the breeze as I watch the sun set. My hair will have, of course, achieved that perfect, salt-infused wavy pieciness that’s impossible to re-create with hair products.

Sigh. Anyone want to give me a vacation?

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Freebie Friday: Facial From The Still Point

Posted on April 24, 2009
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Do I even have to explain? It’s a FREE FACIAL from one of the top spas in the area, The Still Point. Need I say more? Well, I think I will, because I treated myself to one the other week, right before I headed out of town for the weekend, and it was so incredibly relaxing and restorative. Sara Damelio uses only 100% organic skincare products like Sensatia, The Body Deli, Kimberly Sayer and Skincando, her own line. They also use organic seasonal produce from the Takoma Park Farmers Market like Blue Ridge Dairy Yogurt and Patterson Farms honey, as well as herbs from their own garden. Sara’s approach is to feed the skin the same way you’d feed yourself (if you didn’t like vodka so much).

Whoever scores this one is one lucky, lucky reader! To win, tell me about your style. Describe your favorite outfit, current style obsessions, trademark pieces. Tell us what looks you’re interested in trying out.

So for instance, here’s mine: “On a daily basis, my style revolves around structured black and white pieces (well, mostly black. I’m a spiller). I love an almost nineties-minimalist look, and I really like boyish pieces. I’m on the hunt for a spoon ring – my high-school boyfriend gave me one and I’d love to replace it. I recently got a pair of slouchy boyfriend jeans that I’m determined to make part of my signature look for the spring and summer.

Happy entering, and happy Friday! Also, I still have stuff, so I think tis contest will extend into at least tomorrow.


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