Me and My Calvins.

Posted on March 27, 2009
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While I am certainly never one to validate my wardrobe or style purchases based on something a celebrity is wearing, I have to admit I felt a certain satisfaction to see this photograph of Mary Kate Olsen at the recent Met Opera Gala.

Her slinky, perfectly draped black dress is so similar to the one I bought at Junction recently that I wonder if it, too, is vintage Calvin Klein (mine was $80 but the tags, still attached, read an original price of $530!). Those of you who read my Twitter updates know how psyched I was about this dress – I saw it on the rack right before I left for Fashion Week and found myself daydreaming about it while away (doing that thing where you envision all the accessories you’ll wear with it). Good thing it was there when I returned and even more lovely than I had hoped for when I put it on. It’s actually two pieces: a slip gown and robe-like top layer.




Whoops! Roomie laundry ended up in the pic!

It’s so very minimal and Calvin Klein. Definitely a fave purchase of late; I’m just generally really liking the idea of long, understated dresses for the “cocktail” category these days. I’m planning to wear it to ARTINI tomorrow night, and I also plan to belt it, though I’ll be donning a thicker version that’s sorta rock n’ roll, with silver studs. I may have to get someone to take a photo to see just how similar MK and I look in our dresses…

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The Eighties: Better the Second Time Around.

Posted on March 22, 2009
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Mr. T on 80’s Fashion from

Check out Mr. T in his sassy overalls in this “Styling” video (if you click the ‘play’ button, it says the video has been disabled, so you can click the box itself and get it or just go here).

First up, there’s Xena and Zena, conveniently from “San Bonadina,” and OMG, did he just compliment Janine’s “flossy white pumps”?! Nuh uh! He seriously did, you guys. Apparently this is what happened when one “tabled the label.” Oh…my.

The “fashion” in this video is so unfortunate that it’s wild to consider that it is not a joke. This stuff was HOT. And as much as I am totally coveting Mr. T’s amazing gold bib necklace, I’m glad that much of what’s currently trendy and eighties-inspired is actually quite modern and very wearable. To wit: Michelle Thomas’ recent Shopper column about the new neons.

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District Sample Sale, Rewound

Posted on March 19, 2009
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Okay, so economy schmonomy.

You would never have guessed it last night at the Spring 2009 District Sample Sale, where business was positively booming. It really was heartening, after all this depressing economic news, to see so many women opening their wallets and supporting both charity and local small business. The deals were no joke – racks of $25 garments, Oscar de la Renta heels for $100…easily the best in terms of pricing ever. You could certainly thank the economy for that.I scored a gorgeous black high-waisted pencil skirt (I swear I’m really not one-note in my shopping tastes as recent posts might suggest) from Tracy Reese (Proper Topper) for $40 during the blissful calm of the VIP hour between 5:30-6:30, and then settled into the real task of socializing and snapping photos. You can check those out, plus McLean Robbins’ writeup, here at Washingtonian.

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Two wardrobe holes, filled.

Posted on March 17, 2009
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The other day I found myself chatting with Roll Call writer Ali McSherry not about the bailout or economic woes, but about, well skirts. Specifically, how to transition our shared favorite silhouette – the pencil – into our casual, weekend-wear wardrobes. I had just been considering this very issue when the March 2009 J.Crew catalog landed on my doorstep and lo and behold, there it was: a breezy, relaxed version of the pencil skirt, spun in funky orange silk (another wardrobe mission: find a vibrantly colored skirt). Speaking of economics, it’s found in J.Crew’s new (I assume, as I’m not a major J.Crew devotee) under-$100 section, “Instant Gratification.” I have noticed that the catalog is beginning to look and read much more like a magazine in recent months, offering more styling guidance and showcasing familiar models (Lauren Hutton!). This “issue,” titled America…the Beautiful, is set in San Francisco. A beautiful American city of course, but with all the interest Washington has gotten of late, I’d bet it’s only a matter of time before the J.Crew cameras are turned toward the capital.

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