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Posted on February 25, 2009
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Some of the critics called out Ports 1961 designer Tia Cibani for being “too literal” with her Fall 2009 collection, but after Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscars this past Sunday, perhaps it’s fair to say that she was on to something?

I’ll admit that there were times when the show seemed off (did I catch Anna W. smirking a bit when the model, above, who really did seem a little green, tripped and struggled to walk in her long dress?), but the clothes, the fabrics especially, were truly gorgeous and at times otherworldly in a wonderful, almost regal way. I loved the long, loose wavy-haired braids the models wore, and the long cream gloves (with fuschia palms!) were a surprising foil to the neutrals that opened the collection.




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Anna Wintour at the Ports 1961 Show

Posted on February 23, 2009
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Nanette Lepore

Posted on February 19, 2009
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What’s exciting about watching a show like Nanette Lepore’s is that the clothes are really Ready-to-Wear, as in, this is stuff that sells well in stores – including the Chevy Chase boutique that opened recently with the kind of noisy and genuinely fun party not often seen in DC, much less “the Chevy”. The clothes are young and fresh (and so were the models, I honestly thought to myself, look at these fifteen year-olds!) and generally go over really well in Washington.

The overall look was decidedly boho and heavily patterned: leopard prints, ribbon-festooned dresses, and some very bright purple plaid. I couldn’t get on board with one burnished yellow crushed velvet dress, but I loved a pink chiffon dress and a pair of brown leather pants in the season’s cropped, slightly slouchy trouser cut. Erickson Beamon toughened up the looks with some seriously cool chain necklaces.





{Photos at New York mag}

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At J. Mendel

Posted on February 19, 2009
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The 9am J.Mendel show was to be my first-ever “real” fashion week show, and of course I overslept and was running late. Thankfully, so does the entire fashion industry. It’s typical for shows to run 20 or 30 minutes late, so my showing up around 9:10 was totally normal. I’m perennially late, so I could really, really get used to this fashion schedule! Anyway, I definitely arrived wearing last night’s eyeliner.


The “scene” at Bryant Park was remarkably calm and laid-back. I was really surprised, but it was an early show so most people are still sleeping off last night’s after-party. I had been texting the Post’s Ashley Parker from the cab and was relieved when she wanted us to take pictures of ourselves in front of the huge Barbie display in the middle of the lobby. I mean really, how can you be serious when you’re standing in front of a huge Barbie? (that show looked fun) I brought a little camera I have really no idea how to use…thank goodness for the speedy delivery of images online!

We got right in line and quickly made nice with a guy standing right in front of us, who left the finance industry to follow fashion (he also looked remarkably like Perez Hilton). Once inside, our standing-room spots actually provided a great view. It’s wild how small the tents really are. I felt lucky to be there.


As the show started, I noticed New York socialites Jennifer Creel and Lisa Airan on the front row (above, between the model and the blonde in black), probably making mental notes of the looks they’d wear out to charity balls and events around town next fall. First were Gilles Mendel’s standout furs, mixed with metallic threads and double faced satin atop sleek wool separates in black. Hair, makeup and shoes were the perfect match: bold red lips that matched the bottoms of Louboutin boots and sleek ponytails pinned in at the nape of the neck.

What really stood out to me about these fur looks was how light and not at all bulky they looked. With the exception of one look with a fur skirt (coat bottom?), the fur trimmings added shape in all the right places and plenty of gorgeous texture. That being said, it’s tough to make these impossibly thin models look weighed down.



You couldn’t help but think of Michelle Obama when two pumpkin-hued wool sheaths came down the runway, particularly in the cut of the second of the two day looks, modeled by the sole black model in the show (coincidence?). Loved this color.


The gowns were impressive, and this black silk charmeuse one with oversize ribbons at the shoulders was particularly gorgeous. And then, before I knew it, the show was over.


{images from NYmag}

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