Up Robin’s Sleeve.


Robin Givhan's talk at the Corcoran last night was fantastic. She wore a simple silk dress to the knee with tights and very high heels, and talked and bantered with the crowd for two hours. The more she spoke, the more I wanted us to catch a cab and go somewhere cozy so that we could sip hot cider and gab about fashion for eleventybillion hours. Everyone asked questions that led to really lively discussion; among them the horribleness of pantyhose, especially nude (what's the point?), how Robin separates her interest in fashion from her writing career, and how women could take a cue from men in the dressing room (when a pair of pants doesn't fit a man, he takes them to the tailor to be "fixed;" women faced with the same issue tell themselves to go to the gym).

There was plenty of talk about Michelle Obama, of course: her figure (she said tush! If I didn't already adore Robin G, this would have totally sent me over the edge), penchant for flat shoes (Robin pointed out that she also loves her Choos), what sort of gown she might choose for the Inaugural (nothing too of-the-moment, since it will eventually end up in The Smithsonian), and her interest in under-the-radar, independent designers. I found myself nodding in agreement with what she was saying over and over, and just generally having tons of Robin Givhan, she's just like us! moments.

So dare I say that my question, when I finally asked it, was the most interesting of the night? Here's why: it was the only question of the evening that she could not answer. She did answer it enough for me to know that our city's fashion writer seems to be sitting on a very important bit of information; one that plenty of people in the fashion community want to know. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes trained on Robin G's byline.



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