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Posted on October 24, 2008
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The sales here tend to be pretty worth it. It starts this weekend, which means that tomorrow will be the best selection. When you factor in an additional ten percent off and bubbly and lite brunch fare, it's definitely worth a browse.

I'm headed up that way in a few minutes actually, to swing in to Neiman Marcus for a trunk show and meet n' greet with Norman Ambrose, the 29 (!) year-old demi-couture designer I've been hearing a lot about...apparently very luxe and throwback ladies-who-lunch. See for yourself here. They're doing Prohibition-style cocktails to complement the vintagey-fabulousness of it all and while I'm not sure when it starts or ends tonight (very Prohibition indeed!) I'm glad I caught wind of it. Maybe you'll join moi?


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Project Beltway, Indeed.

Posted on October 23, 2008
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Nice video title, John (ahem!).

This story (originally reported by Politico) is all anyone can talk about today. In politics, the sartorial you-know-what hits the spinning blades of the media fan, so many people decry it as a flighty issue. It’s NOT, people. It is just as valid as a talking point or a speech – things that campaigns devote weeks and hundreds of thousands of salary dollars to carefully crafting. It is just as important, and here is the proof.

And! when Michelle Obama appears on The View wearing a $148 White House Black Market Dress, you should probably note that not only is the competing campaign thinking smart about a very real issue, they’re doing it so well they can do it with a sense of humor. It matters, and someone should have give it more thought than they did.

Speaking of The View, the insiders over at FamousDC have some thoughts on Palin’s new bestie and…image consultant?.

We now know that Palin was chosen last-minute, which is more frightening than anything, and so the story goes that they needed to dress her for various climes for a 3 month period. It just shows a real lack of how the game needs to be played now, in the age of the 24-hour news cycle, and it offends the importance of the office for which she is running. A high-end shopping spree would have been the least appropriate option in what should have been a thoughtfully considered list. Take note, political players: decide on a running mate with a little bit more thought, and then realize that what you wear and how much you spend on it is important. And if you need some help, feel free to reach out.

In related news, Politico talked to a handful of stylists who discuss the story and overwhelmingly support the $150,000 spree.

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Your Dose of DC Fashion News

Posted on October 21, 2008
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If you all don't already have plans for this evening, I hope you'll join me at this party taking place this evening at The Park, since I owe at least a portion of my "maven" status to all of you. I believe you have to email Laura at the address listed to gain admittance (free).


My Sidewalk Style for this week is up - and it's the Corcoran's lovely Kristin Guiter, who I can now call a colleague as well as a friend. The photo was taken this Sunday after Perry's Drag Brunch, which is one of those things you simply have to experience at least once (the queens loved her Karta dress as much as I did.) I'm happy to announce that I've started to do some part-time media work at the Corcoran, and there are so many incredible fashion and art events coming up that I can't wait to tell you all about. I have to keep it under my hat at the moment, but expect to see more of Kristin's style published around town.

And speaking of fashion in Washington, I think it's pretty fair to say that we'll all be placing our bets on hometown girl Johanna when the Stylista premiere airs tomorrow night. If you ever spent even an hour with Johanna (of the blog A Serious Job is No Excuse...which is on lockdown at the moment because of the show), you know that she is completely and utterly meant for this. No one knows what the outcome will be just yet, but I personally can't imagine her NOT winning. Jo, we'll be rocking the tee and rooting for you!

Johanna and her friend Lesley also turned up in this year's Washingtonian Best-Dressed list, along with my friends Ayo, Adrian, and Omar. It feels like ages ago that I was featured - and had hair! I think you'll agree that they really upped the ante and did a great job on the list this go-round.

Meanwhile....Morgan over at pandahead just published issue #2 of her online magazine...I won a contest> for a photo NOT related to fashion....and now must leave you to decide what to wear tonight. My inspiration: the kitschy, not-so-politically-correct but so shamelessly fun I Enjoy Being a Girl. Because I do.

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Posted on October 17, 2008
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Here's your chance to be the guy there to Serena's left, albeit in nicer pants: a casting call next week for Gossip Girl (guys file this under "reasons to own a tux"). As if you needed an excuse to blow off work for a midweek trip to NY...

{curtsey to my friend chris, who just confessed to me via gchat: "I like being the hetero Truman Capote to your Harper Lee at these events." Love that.}

xoxo to chris and xoxo to you all. Have a lovely weekend!

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