As of yesterday evening I had a ton of unanswered emails (sorry uh…everyone…i do not hate you), bills to find & pay, laundry to do, and a bag to pack for Philly this weekend (shopping recommendations, anyone?). So I did what any responsible young twenty-something with a lot on her plate would do:

I went to see a midnight showing of Sex and the City.

And ladies and enlightened gentleman, it was brilliant.

I’m not sure what I was expecting – I deliberately avoided most of the articles and especially reviews beforehand – but it completely exceeded my expectations in every way. Smart writing (puns! metaphors!) and plenty of fashion porn. I was hooked all over again.

So if you haven’t yet had enough of SATC (never!), check out this spoiler-free New York Magazine interview with stylist Patricia Field. I too thought the cream dress with the huge flower was the perfect choice for the opening outfit but I can’t believe Field didn’t “get” SJP’s hat at the London premiere. Um hellooo…Phillip Treacy…!?!! Legendary designer and favorite of Isabella Blow – ?!! It was the perfect choice and one Field, as a pretty fearless designer/stylist, should get (I mean, she sells poodle handbags).

Side note: I’ve been pining over this clutch (or this one? can’t decide) by Field for months & months now…..

There’s so much to say, but I don’t want to spoil it for those of you anxiously fidgeting in your desk chairs to see it this weekend. Let’s talk next week, shall we?!


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