Bogner at Harriet Kassman This Weekend

Posted on February 29, 2008
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Soooo I was just talking about the oh-so adorable line Pink Tartan over at Harriet Kassman in my first post today and while I know very little about Bogner, I do know that if the Pink Tartan line is any indication, HK seems to be stocking some very cool, not-carried-elsewhere-in-Washington lines.

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Wardrobe Solution or Settle?

Posted on February 29, 2008
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I took a picture of this woman at an event the real estate communications firm Delucchi held to celebrate their new “green” space. I thought she just looked very put-together. Not fashiony really, but admirably well put-together. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but she’s pretty petite, and the clothes seemed to fit well and look nicely sophisticated.

ANYway, so we’re chatting and it turns out that pretty much everything she’s wearing (except her Marc Jacobs handbag) is from this collection called Carlisle, which is a full line of clothing designed to well, pretty much make you look coordinated above all else. In fact, she’s a rep for them. I guess the idea is that it’s a system of dressing where everything matches and you never have to stand in front of your closet naked and late for a meeting trying to figure out how to put an outfit together. It’s “very Washington,” and I kind of hate it and understand it all at once. While I love the idea of looking gorgeously coiffed and put-together at all times, I feel that “fashion collections” sucks all of the fun and uniqueness out of finding designers you love and crafting a personal style. There’s just GOT to be a happy medium. On the other hand, a ton of women hate trying on clothes and don’t give a hoot about fashion, so you might as well look decently put-together? I dunno. From a business-model perspective, it’s kind of genius because there’s a great social element to it, so you can combine socializing with shopping, and there’s no shlepping around the mall or all over town searching for a parking spot, etc. And I can see the appeal for the busy professional woman. A certain well-dressed powerful media executive in town used to care very little about clothes until one day she did an apparent about-face and flights of personal shoppers would stream in and out of her office suite with gorgeous suits and dresses for her to try on. She made the decision to kick it up a notch in the same way she might have accepted a business deal. She certainly personalizes her outfits, but the idea of ease and letting someone do the “dirty” work for you is a common thread. What do you think? Do you enjoy shopping for yourself? Only for certain things?

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What’s Goin’ On….

Posted on February 29, 2008
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Setchi is closing, and after being open for what only seemed like a few months. Business was going swimmingly, but it turns out the male half of the husband & wife team, Albert, got transferred back up to NYC for his “real” job. So off they go! If you haven’t yet been to Setchi, tomorrow’s a good time to head over: their chic and eco-friendly clothes and accessories have all been marked down a whopping 50% off! Setchi will be liquidating all of its merchandise at next week’s District Sample Sale, along with Alex Boutique, which I’m sad to say announced its closing just yesterday. Alex carries beautiful things including some very cool designer vintage, but it was the old location, location, location adage that ultimately did them in. I know part-owner Liberty Jones is staying busy with Apres Peau though, and timing with the District Sample Sale couldn’t be better for all of us who’re dying to update our wardrobes. Speaking of the District Sample Sale, have any of you SEEN their list of auction items?! A-Mazing. I WANT IT ALL. A few of the offerings from the “Haute Pursuit:”

Fashion 101 + 10: You and nine guests will be feted at Cusp in Georgetown for light bites and drinks, a private fashion presentation and complimentary favors. You, as uber-hostess, will also receive a $250 handbag of your choice. Value: $750
…I do desperately need a new bag. The scratched-up tote I’ve been carrying has GOT to go.

The New Pink: In celebration of their upcoming April trunk show at Harriet Kassman, Pink Tartan offers up this spring cardigan from their Spring/Summer 2008 runway collection, size M for Mahvelous. Value: $249.
…Ohhhh man. I’m in love. With every.single.outfit. from this line. Harriet Kassman may have just become my favorite boutique.

South Beach for Spring: enjoy a two-day stay in a suite at the oceanfront Sagamore, cited as one of the Top 20 Beach Hotels in the World by Conde Nast. Known as “The Art Hotel,” the Sagamore is home to exclusive club Social Miami and to the renowned contemporary art space, the Sagamore Collection. Value: $1,200

…YEYAHH, how HOTT is that. I love hotels – even sorta crappy ones actually, but ugh, drooooool. The hotels in South Beach are amazing.

Not to mention the Creme de la Mer package (I’m the first person to think that ridiculously pricey creams are total BS…but I’ve always been a bit fascinated by this one) and the R. Nichols print (I have the Washington Monument cards – they are so single-girl-in-the-city….OUR city!)….

Also click-worthy: StoreAdore launched in Washington….

And DC Fashion Week kicks off this weekend. I’ll be going to shows Saturday and Sunday – I’m excited to give you all the full report.

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The Thrill of the Hunt!

Posted on February 26, 2008
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The District Sample Sale isn’t the only boutique-sale show in town when it comes to bargains on boutique items. This weekend, a roster of top Alexandria designers and boutiques will offer steep discounts (up to 90% off) at the 4th annual Old Town Boutique Warehouse Sale. It’s Saturday from 9 AM til 3 at the Masonic Temple (100 Callahan Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22301), and best of all, it’s FREE to attend. You have to wake up early on a Saturday though (uhmmm, I didn’t not wake up at 1 p.m. last Saturday…..). Wear layers with a form-fitting base garment because I’m pretty sure you just have to try things on right there as you walk around.

Vendors include Hysteria, Treat, Tickled Pink, The Shoe Hive, Gossypia, The Little Monogram Shop, Queen Bee Designs, Remix Vintage, Mystique Fine Jewelry, Bella of Old Town, Periwinkle, and Appleseed Maternity.

Worth waking up for? Has anyone ever been to this? I’m curious….

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