Skinny Boys in Skinny Jeans

Posted on January 24, 2008
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I think it was on some other blog, but at one point a reader said that I obviously really liked boys in skinny jeans. I guess that no matter how you slice it, I do find myself stopping young guys in skinny jeans more than I realized (I think I’m a little jealous of their slim thighs). One of my favorite series of shots features a bunch of local skaters down the street from my house (the guy in the striped hoodie especially) in really tight jeans. More skinnies….

I do like the way it looks a lot, I admit, on the right guy. And generally speaking, I like a narrower cut on pants for men. There are far too many men around town walking around with fabric flapping at their ankles!

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Glover-Watkins Engagement

Posted on January 23, 2008
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Poppy always steals the show.



I never tire of Pepper’s style. He always adds personal touches, like this vintage tie clip on a signature woven tie paired with a cozy Ralph Lauren flannel shirt. Pepper’s from the Shenandoah Valley like me (the Northern part) and a bluegrass musician to boot, so these nods to a greener and slower-paced place suit him just right. If anyone’s looking for cool tie clips, you might try Mercedes Bien in Adams Morgan (upstairs next to Amstedam Falafal) or shoot, your grandpa’s place.


Gent of leisure in Gucci loafers.

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I Only Did It So You’d Miss Me

Posted on January 23, 2008
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January 2008 001.jpg

January 2008 012.jpg

January 2008 013.jpg

I’m back today people. I’ve been hibernating for the most part. It’s cold! This is what I do.

There was a party or two in there…the most recent being Becca Glover’s engagement to PB all-star Pepper Watkins last Saturday. Congrats you two…I now pronounce you Bepper Glovkins! More coming….

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Ankle Cut-Out, U Street

Posted on January 15, 2008
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Her feet were getting tons of admiring and curious glances from ladies passing her as she walked toward Creme for brunch this past Saturday.

Her shoes are Franco Sarto, her dress is Kensiegirl, and she bought her coat in Spain. She got her tights at a not-in-Washington boutique, but I bet you could score some like these wherever dancewear is sold….anyone seen ’em around?

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