On Wearing the Pants


There was a bit of chatter over the weekend about DC style blogs, mine included, that I missed until today but has really gotten me thinking.

It seems that everyone these days is strapped to their laptop or Blackberry but truthfully, I hadn’t looked at my blog or any incoming links since Friday, when I threw up that “sorry I’ve been sucking” post and told myself that, despite the fact that I’ve been insanely busy and distracted (a new job, freelancing and generally trying to give myself a blessed break from stopping strangers on the streets) I’d be a better blogger in the new year.

I’m heartened by the fact that Marissa & other readers have enjoyed (or at least found “interesting”) PB until recently, when, I admit, there have been few posts and more event announcements and coverage than normal.

To address her two main complaints — the prevalence of event announcements/coverage and my most recent interviewee — I do go to a lot of events around town, and they present fantastic photo opportunities for several reasons: they are inside (perfect for frigid weather which makes it tough to spot anyone looking more cute than cold), folks are dressed up and have the time to talk to me and be photographed. I started letting readers know about upcoming sales and events because I got email after email from readers asking me how I knew about them. I get pitched just like any other journalist, and I feel somewhat responsible about sharing that information with readers.

As for the Katherine Kennedy interview, I of course understand why it might have put people off. I’ve always taken a more journalistic position on what style means in Washington, and so I feel that it was interesting to talk to someone who, *whether any of us agree or not*, shapes some part of style here. And I think it’s essential to make your own fun anywhere you go, because in DC just like anywhere else, it won’t likely be spread out at your feet. That’s why having my camera (which makes bubbly impossible for the most part, actually) is so fun – I’ve always been one to talk to anyone and everyone, but PB has allowed me to discover that socialite-y, hipster-y, wonky – what have you – people in Washington are often more interesting/smart/fun to be around than someone casually glancing through Washington Life’s social pages might guess. That’s the cool thing about Washington, in my opinion.

Anyway, I agree that the interview (uhmm and maybe the paragraph above…but my coffee hasn’t hit yet. so deal) could have been edited down and such. So, point duly noted.

Sometimes I want to throw up my hands and scream CRAP PEOPLE IT’S JUST A BLOG!!…OR have a big fat pity party OR best of all, a retail therapy spree.

Point is, I’ve been thinking too much about what everyone reading this blog thinks about it.

I’m not saying that you all, my readers, don’t matter, but I’m realizing that I’m not giving myself permission to write whatever the hell is it that I feel like writing about, whenever and however often I feel like. I’ve always struggled a bit with how personal I want this blog to be, and even though it’s almost a year old, I’m still growing into it. I’m a very outgoing (and yes, kind) person, but I’m also very private. I don’t like “putting myself out there” in personal relationships very much, and so similarly, simply starting a blog and subsequently trying to find a balance that both satisfies me and makes me feel comfortable has been a challenge.

(Is this the part where I type something like, “In a city like Washington, has blogging become the new relationship?”)

What I’m getting at with this sudden outpouring is that Marissa makes a lot of observations that are not without merit. And ultimately, after I’m done getting all riled up I feel genuinely excited by the realization that ultimately, people complain because they’re interested. I wish I had an ounce of the “circuitry and wiring” that allows bloggers like Marissa to jot off feelings with very little sense of how others might think because it would, no doubt, make me a better and happier blogger. As I wrote in a comment back to Marissa, I think a little bit of rewiring on my end is in order.

So with all do respect to everyone, I’m going to channel the advice Katharine Hepburn received from her mother and remembered throughout her own very independent-minded career: “Do whatever pleases you. At least one person will be happy.”

Here’s to a pleasing 2008!


As an aside to Marissa –
I truly think your blog is hilarious. I’m not sure that we’re destined to room together or giggle over camisoles, but I’d happily take you out with me on a weekend shooting spree (ok i’m genuinely laughing now) because, as you might suspect, there is plenty of material for both you and me. ( ;

And because why the hell not, two looks that summon a modern-day Kate….


from Versace’s Spring 2008 RTW over at style.com


Staerk tuxedo pant over at La Garconne


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