MonkeySee, Monkey Wear

Feeling clueless about what to look for when buying a suit? Local custom clothier Matt Landsberg will explain what to look for. Still haven’t mastered the art of tying a bow tie? Sherman Pickey’s Ethan Drath will show you how – and you don’t even need to seek out a parking spot in Georgetown. The videos are all housed on, a new how-to video site that houses thousands of original videos that give step-by-step instructions on every topic imaginable.

Full disclosure: I do PR for MonkeySee. Not that I ever doubted their fabulousness, but I became utterly devoted when I used this video (hm….protective eyewear: the new Ray-Bans?) to change a flat tire on my car ALL BY MYSELF. I can’t tell you how good it felt to realize that as a single woman in this town, I didn’t have to rely on an expensive service or a dude to do it for me. No joke, REM’s I Am Superman popped into my head when I was finished. I even took a picture of it on my brand-new Blackberry. SO going on the fridge.

Since the MonkeySee headquarters are in NoVa, a lot of the experts on the site are local faces. In the fashion and style category, for instance, you might recognize Cindy McCartney from Diva in Old Town. And just like Metrocurean pointed out the other week, the videos are especially helpful in the kitchen, especially when the instructor is Hook’s easy-on-the-eyes Chef Barton Seaver.


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