Georgetown’s New Cool

On Wednesday night I found myself at the sleek new and very hush-hush private club L2 in Cady’s Alley in Georgetown. There is a Web site for L2, but you have to be a member to gain access to that as well. Check out The Post’s Going Out Gurus blog or Yeas & Nays’ review
(I think they were the first to scoop the place) to get the skinny on L2 and the other “exclusive” lounges cropping up – and don’t miss the comments below. It certainly reeks of exclusivity at the moment – you could tell that everyone there felt incredibly cool and special to have been in the room (LOTS of scoping going on). I guess that’s the point of these places….DC Magazine sponsored the party along with Imperia Vodka. They had gorgeous leggy girls (with very thick accents) passing out shot after shot of vodka, while the bartenders (there could have been more, if you ask me) mixed delish blood-orange-and-vodka drinks.

The crowd was well-dressed but certainly not risk-taking by any means in terms of dress.

It’s interesting, all these “exclusive” new see-and-be-seen places. L2 is certainly a welcome departure from the popped-collar scene more typical of Georgetown haunts, but I wonder if Washington is really “there” yet when it comes to these exclusive, members-only spots.


Imperia Vodka ladies


Nikki (left) of Fly Lounge and a friend. Loved the bright colors and Nikki’s black Katie-esque bob.


Anne-Henley Beck and friend Val


Eric Brewer of Dissident Display


The L2 logo. The only tattoo I will ever have is the kind you apply with a beverage napkin and water…


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