At Taste of the South: Southern Belle Style

Project Beltway

Project Beltway

The boozy Taste of the South meekly held its 25th Anniversary Gala this past weekend. Apparently the event once enjoyed a heyday but on Saturday night it felt a little like a high school dance. That is, if high school dances allowed heavy drinking and served corndogs.

Anyway though, I had a terrific time, truth be told. There were a ton of great-looking people there and I mean…there was a buffet with crawfish grits and ribs in the VIP area. So I was good.

The girls especially turned out. It’s been said…Southern girls know how to look pretty.
One girl in particular caught my eye while she was sitting, because her skirt was fanned out and it reminded me of a hoop skirt. I liked the color and neckline anyway and didn’t think the dress would actually be dramatic but when she stood up it was better than I thought it’d be! A modern take on the hoop skirt! I’m pretty sure she said it was Betsy Johnson and I’m not sure, but it certainly wasn’t the very similar Oscar de la Renta Camilla Belle was wearing at the a recent boutique opening for the designer.

Guys were OK but all looked pretty much the same in rented tuxedos.

It makes me feel bad for guys interested in clothes because they have one look to wear to these events. Anyone have suggestions for what guys can do to jazz up their black-tie-affair outfits? Or do you think that the point of a tux is to look like a man in a tux and not mess with it? Particularly if he has a lot of these functions to go to, should a guy invest in a tux and then personalize it from there?


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