Think Runway, Shop Beltway: A Whole New REALM

Project Beltway

Clear Quartz & Lapis Pin Choker

Project Beltway

Double Strand Pearl Pin Necklace. A badass take on the pearls-and-cardigans uniform.

Project Beltway

Aventurine & Wood Stretch Bracelet, $40 and Ring, $15

Local REALM designer Jesse Walker is all over the city, literally: formally trained at FIT, the multitalented designer sells his jewelry at Eastern Market, creates the exclusive pillow line for Apartment Zero downtown, and recently teamed up with Lori Parkerson of the darkly hip Redeem on 14th Street for an exclusive line of jewelry. Oh and he was @ STYLEistics the other night. Pics from that tomorrow I promise!!

It’s easy to see why Parkerson chose REALM: the designs are often ironic and edgy twists on classic looks. Walker takes classically beautiful semi-precious stones and other traditional jewelry components & mixes them with modern, industrial elements like steel ball chain and kilt pins. “My work is about contrasts,” says Walker. “I’m always amazed at how new and fresh certain materials can look, when taken out of their traditional contexts, and mixed with the unexpected.” Walker takes his inspiration from the great cities of the world and well as seventies & eighties punk style, and the overall effect is incredibly textural and surprisingly pretty. Walker sees Washington as beginning to break out of its style mold: “DC style has come a long way in the past few years. I still find it frustratingly conservative much of the time, but it’s definitely getting better. It’s exciting that it’s kind of up and coming in that way. It means there are lots of possibilities.”

REALM by Jesse Walker
Online, at Redeem and Eastern Market.


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