Republicans in Recess


Not being a Hill-person myself, I had a blast listening to certain Republican staffer give me the lowdown on “recess attire” recently, and how it breaks down between party lines. Though not a staffer, Politico Senior Political writer Jonathan Martin (with Linda Roth publicist Carrie Foster) apparently fit the bill. The staffer writes:

Republican male staff almost all embrace the basics of preppy dressing (much more popular and widespread than what you might call “high preppy” – which is where you see critters embroidered on pants and multiple collars and such) … So for recess they will almost all wear khakis, a blue or blue-patterned button-down shirt (very likely either Brooks Brothers or Polo), and brown or burgundy loafers or brown lace-ups. If they have a meeting, they’ll add a navy blazer …. The result is uniform, but largely tasteful and professional. Democrats often reject preppy style, but don’t really have anything to replace it with, so you’ll see guys in dark-washed jeans, square-toed black shoes, and untucked stripety shirts, as if they expect to go clubbing in the Longworth Cafeteria at 9 AM.


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