The Oscars…The Red Carpet: Live rambblogs

So I’m doing this kinda as it’s happening so I don’t have all the pictures yet
First of all, Andre Leon Talley is adorable and so, so gay.
Second of all, Ryan Seacrest is S-T-R-U-G-G-L-I-N-G
OK tonight I hate:
Kirsten Dunst’s dress. The weird Chevron stripe on the hips of her Chanel Haute Couture gown makes her look…well, hippy. The neckline looks stretched out, the bottom is froufy and hideous. No, no!


…and this is a flattering picture of it, I think.

Nicole Kidman looks jacked up on botox. Her red column dress is far too bright, and it overwhelms her (and what is that weird loop on her shoulder?). I prefer her in embellished & delicate pretty dresses in soft colors.
Cameron Diaz’s dress looks like a marshmallow. Her face looks puffy. Way to find a theme and stick with it Cam!


Reese Witherspoon, in Olivier Theyskins for Nina Ricci, wins. I’ve been loving her choices for the awards shows recently. The little yellow number and then this long purple (purple!!) gown. I love the way the top of the bodice is slightly curved.


Her hair is an accessory.


She’s smart to not bog the look down with too much bling; this way, she (single and looking better than ever) is the focus. This is her single-woman coming out party!
Cate Blanchett: Hot, smokin’ smoldering hot. And good lighting always seems to follow her.

cateblanchett (6).jpg

Penelope Cruz is a total class act–she just gave the most genuine, elegant, and gracious interview to Ryan Seacrest. Unlike Alan Arkin.

I’m so impressed that Ellen Degeneres‘ standup seems to be working, because it’s such subtle humor. Although OK…she’s been on the same joke for like 15 minutes.

WHOA Al Gore just got such an enormous cheer and round of applause from the crowd.


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